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Our Staff

The staff at Camp East Woods help to carry out the mission of the camp as well as instill core values; it is their energy and passion for camp that provides campers with extraordinary summer experiences. The counselors and specialists are inspirational teachers and spirited leaders who make every effort to help campers build skills, form friendships, and have the most fun imaginable, so that they have an unforgettable camp experience.

Each camp group is assigned a Lead Teacher who works at a school in the capacity of a teacher or teachers assistant during the school year. These may also be college graduates pursuing a masters degree in education or a related field. Under the Lead Teacher, General Counselors assist in carrying out daily programs with the campers. With a plethora of wonderful staff, our Lower Camp boasts a camper to counselor ratio of 1:4, while our upper camp ratio is 1:6. At Camp East Woods, every counselor knows every campers by name- which speaks to our very tight knit community.

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