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Job Descriptions

  • Lead Teacher: A lead teacher is responsible for approximately 12-20 children based on age group. The lead teacher (formerly known as group leader) also oversees 2-3 counselors assigned to them. This position is responsible for planning, leading, and implementing activities and experiences for campers.

  • General Counselor: General counselors are assigned to a specific group of campers. They are responsible to assist the lead teacher in daily activities and ensure the safety and enjoyment of their campers. Counselors are expected to participate in activities along with their campers.

  • Head Specialist: Head specialists lead specific activity areas (e.g. Cooking, Sewing, Sports, Movie-making, Dance). They are expected to create weekly, age appropriate lesson plans for the activity, supervise activity specialists and direct group staff how to assist with and participate appropriately in each activity.

  • Activity Specialist: Activity specialists are required to assist all groups that participate at the specialty area under the direction of the Head Specialist. (e.g. sports, arts and crafts)

  • Registered Nurse or EMT

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